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Buying a Dental Unit? What’s the Difference?

The central component of your dental surgery has to be your dental unit.

Dental units vary in the features they offer, and the one you choose will depend on a range of factors.

These include the space you have to work with, the features you require for the work that you do, whether you have specialised requirements, and of course your budget.

Careful research and planning will enable you to select the most appropriate option for your practice, whether you require a full set up immediately, or plan to add features at a later point in time.

Here’s a rundown of a few popular models of dental unit, and what the differences between them might mean for your practice.

Technical specifications

Going modular with Tantus

If you’re after a unit that is required to meet a specific set of requirements or need a unit that will suit the way you operate then the Tantus range of units are the ones for you. Available in a range of delivery configurations like; floor mounted, chair mounted, left / right, cart system, wall arm or cabinet mounted there is no limit to what can be offered. This is the key advantage of having a unit manufactured here in Australia, it can be customised and built to your own specification.  Whether it is remodelling in a tight, awkward space or just wanting something that works the way you want it to, Tantus gives you options. The Tantus Series IV is a fully integrated microprocessor controlled unit that offers full integration with a chair, an operating light, fibre optic air lines, brushless electric micro motors and suction lines among the standard features. It is also modular, so you can add extra features at any stage.

Diplomat – equipment to suit a range of budgets

The Diplomat range of dental units offer European quality at an affordable price. When looking at dental units you need to consider “Value for Money”, this does not mean getting the cheapest as this is more often than not a false economy with the downtime and ongoing repair bills ending up far outweighing the initial purchase price. The Diplomat range offers the perfect balance between highest quality and the most reasonable price. The entry-level unit packages are equipped with loads of features as standard making them even better value as most of the competition consider these as optional extras. Models include the very latest styling where the chair of the system appears to be floating in air, with nothing beneath it, affording better access and a higher patient safe working load.  There are two premium-level units that offer the very latest technology like touchscreen controls, torque control electric motors through to automatic suction system cleaning all for a fraction of what some other brands are retailing their systems for. With over 20,000 Diplomat units currently in use worldwide there is no doubting this is a world class manufacturer and with the backup and support of William Green’s technical service and knowledge it is an unbeatable option..

Upgrade as you go with Ultradent

Ultradent dental units are designed with both the dental practitioner and the patient in mind, engineered in Germany these units are built to last. There is a level of refinement in these units that is not matched by any other manufacturer. There are a number of models in the Ultradent range and every one is top of its class. Practitioners benefit from ergonomic tool placement via a pivoting arm that runs on a full set of lineal bearings to ensure that every action is as smooth as it can be. Because there are no hanging tubes or cables, patients find it easy to access the chair. The unit also comes with bright colour options designed to be child-friendly. Features can be added at a later date, making a gradual budget-friendly upgrade possible.

Ultradent units will give you a lifetime of pleasurable use.

We have a range of dental units to suit most budgets and treatment requirements. Contact Purus Health 03 8358 5557 or your local William Green equipment consultant on 1300 363 830 to discuss your options.

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