Durr VistaIntra DC


Systematic X-ray solution – perfect in function and design

VistaIntra DC impresses with its exemplary ergonomic design. 

Dürr Dental offers you a complete system from a single provider which assures you the best image results thanks to optimally matched system components.

This is what really matters:

Patient receives the lowest dose of radiation possible to achieve the highest quality of imaging

Modern, slim design for easy, precise positioning

Easy operation concept

Perfectly matched to image plates and sensors

Highly reliable and long service life for X-ray tubes

Constant radiation

mA and kV levels are adjustable

DC generator with 0.4 mm focal spot

DAP (dose area product) after exposure

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Technical specifications

Technical Data

VistaIntra DC

Power input (V, Hz)

AC 100 - 240 10 %, 50/60

Power consumption (W)


Tube voltage (kVp)

60 - 70

Tube current (mA)

4 - 7

Tube length (mm)

200 (300 optional)

Radiation field limits (mm)

Ø 60 / 30 x 40 (20 x 30 optional)

Exposure time (sec.)

0.04 - 2

Focal spot (mm)

0.4 (IEC 336)

Total filtration (mm)

Min. 2.0 Al

Weight kg


Height (mm)


Arm length (mm)

1744 / 1894 / 2194

Durr VistaIntra DC

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