Autoclave Touch B 23 litre Series 2.0


Latest Design Steam Generator

LCD  window displays sterilisation process

Full touch screen

High precision, temperature sensors precise to 0.1 degree, pressure sensor accurate to .001bar

Multiple record output, print USB or SD card

Stand by setting

Custom cycle function

Hand lock door with pressure lock system

Smart maintenance system

Water quality test function

European standard, with 3 times pre and drying vacuum

Sterilizing Temp 121°c 134°c

Sterilizes: Packed/unpacked solid or hollow items, porous items.

Removes air from hollow area of any instrument

Australian standard AS/NZ 4815-2006, CE

TGA ARTG Registration No 222444 Class 11B

Total compliance for your sterilization needs

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Technical specifications

Chamber Size:

Diameter 245mm, Depth 470mm

External Dimensions:

67cm D x 47cm W x 40cm H

Weight: 55kg

Autoclave Touch B 23 litre Series 2.0

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