Preventing Super Bugs

Preventing Super Bugs

16 Apr 2020

MRSA-Golden Staph (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) is a serious topic in the dental industry. Dental nurses may rarely know what blood disorders or pathogens/viruses a patient may have when they walk into the surgery.

Standards and precautions should be at the highest level at all times. Patients can have a transmissible infectious condition and in dentistry saliva is considered a potentially infectious material that often contains blood, secretions and excretions.

Golden Staph can kill almost 20% of its carriers according to Peter Collington a physician and microbiologist at the Australian National University*. Last year there were more than 500 Golden Staph infections across 46 NSW hospitals.

The way MRSA can be transmitted is through:

-  body fluid exposure

-  broken skin, mucous membrane (coughing)

-  and sharps injuries.

The best way to protect yourself

-  is gloves, eyewear and quality uniforms.

-  Even ‘cough etiquette’ with patients and the surgery staff should be be monitored at all times.

-  Using products effective against MRSA e.g. Bevisto-Instrumental and BevistoCryl.

If a patient shows signs of an open abscess or red like lesions that look like an insect bite they can be covered with a dry paper towel and it should reduce the spread considerably.

So protect yourself and and be aware of your surroundings. Using Bevisto-Instrumental for your instruments and BevistoCryl for the dental chair and benches.

How Do You Choose The Best Dental Chair?

How Do You Choose The Best Dental Chair?

09 Apr 2020

What is the best dental chair? The answer to that question, of course, is the one that best suits you and your patients!

Here are a few of the key factors to consider when choosing the right dental chair for your practice.

1. Accessibility

You’ll want a chair that offers maximum accessibility, especially if you have a lot of elderly people or small children as patients. Features that allow you to lower the chair and tilt the armrests can make it much easier for patients to get on and off. These features also mean better ergonomics for practitioners, allowing you to work comfortably without strain on your back.

2. Space

How much space do you have in your treatment rooms? A more compact chair can be an ideal solution in a smaller room, allowing easy movement around the chair for both patients and staff, and easy access when cleaning the room.

Light folding chairs are a great solution for those with mobile dental practices. Add-ons like a tray and a LED operating light enable a practitioner to set up a treatment centre in any available space.

3. Adaptable designs

A good dentist chair will be adaptable, offering not only flexible positioning for greater patient and practitioner comfort, but features such as child pillows to suit junior sizes and adjustable back rests to accommodate different heights.

Bright colours can offer a good distraction in the treatment room, particularly for young children who may feel apprehensive about a dentist visit – as may some adults! Ease of cleaning and durability of the chair are also key issues. Look for a chair with a high-quality vinyl or upholstery cover you can remove for cleaning.

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New Release Tancy Touch 2 litre ‘B’ Class Autoclave

New Release Tancy Touch 2 litre ‘B’ Class Autoclave

19 Feb 2020

Tancy TOUCH 'B' Class autoclave provides superior faster performance

S class cycle 12 minutes  B class cycle 15 minutes

360 degree non-angular design, soft touch. Touch screen display 4.3 inch LCD

Perfect combination of ergonomics and visual psychology
Flat design, small-sized and exquisite

Lightweight and durable, excellent interface features, easy coating, high strength and strong corrosion resistance.

Draw shape design, simple and easy operation.

New operating system

Split heating membranes in chamber, heating faster and more even. Woson self-developed Steam Generator, blocking-free, upgrading efficiency by 10%. Providing greater thermal efficiency, longer service life.

Safety system, relief valve, motor lock, pressure and temperature overload protection, alarm system

The Tancy Touch will be on display at stand 278, William Green, ADX20, International Convention Centre, Sydney.

Come Visit Us, 13th-15th March, 2020

$385 Special price, Book in now for your annual Autoclave Validation

$385 Special price, Book in now for your annual Autoclave Validation

25 Sep 2019

Purus calibrate and validate all autoclaves to Australian Standards AS4815 and provide our clients with full reports.

Testing is required to be completed every 12 months in order to comply with Australian Standards.

The Purus service management team advises that a regularly serviced and maintained autoclave enables greater and extended performance from your steriliser.