Purus Health and Medical Technologies providing your business with all your equipment and service requirements.

With a focus extended beyond dental, Purus Health and Medical Technologies serves the medical, health & beauty, veterinary, podiatry, allied health, hospital, and aged care sectors. Our range of products includes autoclaves, accessories, dental equipment, imaging equipment, stainless steel trolleys and dental consumables.

Our autoclaves are also especially suited to non-medical businesses which need medical-grade sterilisers. This means that we have a range of autoclaves which are functional and well-priced for the beauty and tattoo markets.

Purus Health and Medical Technologies combines local industry knowledge and experience with strong global supplier networks and an exceptionally strong service and product support team.

Purus' promise is to make a positive difference to the practices of our customers across all of our market segments.

We are already doing this by opening up to our health professional customers a broad range of high quality, high value capital equipment. We also have a large and competitive range of quality consumable products.

Our promise to you is supported by our commitment to seamless installation, the reassurance of warranty support, and a service, repair and support team which will ensure that your product meets all of your expectations. Our service team can also work with you through our annual compliance testing program to ensure that all of your devices meet Australian Standards for medical devices.

Call us on 1300 PURUS 9 to discuss your new product needs or your product service and compliance testing requirements.

The Purus Team

New product sales:

  • Jan East
  • Jake East
  • Authorised local distributors (contact Purus Health for details of your nearest supplier)

Compliance Testing & Service enquiries:

  • Jake East
  • Purus Service Technicians
  • William Green Pty Ltd
  • Authorised Service Technicians (contact Purus Health for details of your nearest service technician)