Autoclave Tancy Classic 2 litre


Led display. User friendly

360 degree non-angular design, soft touch
Perfect combination of ergonomics and visual psychology
Flat design, small-sized and exquisite

Lightweight and durable, excellent interface features, easy coating, high strength and strong corrosion resistance.

Drawer shape design, simple and easy operation.

New operating system

Split heating membranes in chamber, heating faster and more even. Woson self-developed Steam Generator, blocking-free, upgrading efficiency by 10%. Providing greater thermal efficiency, longer service life.

Safety system, relief valve, motor lock, pressure and temperature overload protection, alarm system

S class cycle 12 minutes  B class cycle 15 minutes

Tancy CLASSIC provides superior faster performance

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Technical specifications

Chamber size: 192.5 width x 45.5 height x 300 depth mm (One tray)

External size: 620 depth x 440 width x 170 height mm

Weight: 27kg

Sterilization Data: External Printer, USB

Voltage/Power: 220V/1800W

Autoclave Tancy Classic 2 litre

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